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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

“Women’s Work”

Mixed Cargo

Well darn, I didn’t win any awards for this show. I had high hopes for my “Women’s Work” piece. I thought it was a pretty unique answer to the challenge set. It was required that 50% of the piece be from materials that JaxPort provided to us – an annual report, a poster and various other printed materials. It just so happened that at the time I came across an article in “Women’s Digest” about how women are making inroads in traditionally male roles at the port and I also found some neat “mannequins” at the flea market. I instantly decided to “dress her” with the brochure and other materials. She has a “pinstriped” shirt on, jeans, and wears a protective vest. The inside of her vest has pictures of suffragettes and other women who have paved the road for the many women who choose to go where “no woman has gone before”.

The judge, Tony Wood, did have many nice things to say about this piece and my “7 Cranes”. Just wish I could have gotten one of the very beautiful glass pyramid “trophies” they handed out. Perhaps I will get lucky and some one will purchase something. There in lies the ultimate compliment.

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