Workshop Review

I took a three day workshop this weekend that was organized by some local artists and conducted by a painter from New Orleans. It was a Plein Air workshop with some emphasis on architecture. A three day workshop can be pretty exhausting and in this case a wee bit frustrating. For one thing, I’m not a big fan or painting buildings. It never hurts to add to your repertoire, though. I also was learning oils (as opposed to my favored watercolors). For me the hardest thing to deal with is the brushes and how differently they behave. I just can’t figure out those stiff things and trying to use the softer ones just doesn’t work when you are piling on oil paint.

Phil Sandusky was the instructor definitely check him out. He is a master at architecture as evidence by his work and the books he’s published. He is also a phenomenal instructor. Very high energy, giving, thorough, knowledgeable…. everything you would want in a teacher.

My first days work needs a LOT of tweaking:waynes-world






The second days work not as much (need a better photo for sure):









And the final day was very definitely more enjoyable and most successful.


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