2nd 30 in 30 #3

Is that code or what… Well this is my second go at a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Not sure I will be as timely on this one as the last. Among other distractions there is a new grand baby on board. He will definitely have to get use to Granny spending a lot of time in the Studio though, just as all other grands and all cats have. I actually worked on two pieces today. One I don’t consider finished enough. This one probably still needs tweaking but I’m posting it any way…


4 thoughts on “2nd 30 in 30 #3

    • Thanks Robert! Coming from you that’s quite a compliment. I dare say you recognize the location. It is one that I have grown to love very quickly, only having been there two times. What a lucky man Paul is.

    • Thank you Sheila. It’s only my second painting of the subject. I think it helps when it is something your love. I do love the open expanse of Florida’s marshes.

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