Good and Bad

So I had all three of my pieces entered into the SoMMA show accepted, but only one of the two for St Augustine’s “Faces and Figures”. Rejection is something us artists just have to get used to. Sometimes it’s easier than others. This was one of the easy ones. By the time this piece was “finished” (and now I’m not sure it was) I hated it. Not that it is an awful piece per se, but it’s just not one of my favorites and it was a pain in the butt while working on it. I’m sure this happens to other artists as well. We don’t always hate the difficult ones and we don’t always love the ones that come easy – though if they come easy it helps for more positive feelings. So tell me… what is wrong with this picture in your eyes? Personally, I’m not happy with the yellows on the wings and will do away with them. I may also obscure the word Elevating and do something different with her hair. She is called “A-Musing” by the way, because she embodies many of the things in this world that inspire me. So once she is reworked I may try to enter her again.

A-Musing p2or3


4 thoughts on “Good and Bad

  1. It’s beautiful enough without the word elevating on it, to me, so if you do take the word off I think it will be fine. It shows imagination! And the colors look good together.
    It’s weird with juried shows. My paintings get rejected so often because the jurors don’t like realism, or some other stupid reason. It gets to be frustrating, and a waste of money. They should at least refund your entry fee. I would refund it if I didn’t hang a painting, but I’m not the expert.

    • Thanks Chris. I am definitely use to the whole juror/judge thing. On any given day the same judge might make totally different decisions. I even judged a show once. It was interesting because I thought I would probably be a little more “emotional” rather than technical in my decision making. In the end it turned out I respond emotionally to good design. Being a member of several local arts organizations, I understand the “no refund” policy. Generally they use those entry fees to help pay the monetary awards as well as for putting on a reception. These are all non-profits so every penny counts. Especially since they don’t rake in the dough like those that provide food, shelter or help to children. I enjoyed visiting your blog. You are much better at keeping up with it than I am! Use to live in VaBch so loved your Norfolk Port Authority painting. I love color!

      • I pretty much have given up on the juried shows. I’ve spent a lot on them over the years. I had hopes of winning but hell, I can’t even get in over half the time. The jurors think like interior decorators. They feel they have to make ‘groupings”. It’s like they want conformity. If I enter 3 pieces so they can make a grouping only one gets accepted and it’s hung way up high, or in the corner, or the hall or behind a sculpture or next to the bathroom or something. If I enter a triptych it gets spread out. If I only enter one it gets rejected. It’s a total rip off. One juror told me they like “contemporary”. Even though I’m alive and working today, I’m not considered contemporary. I tried in Richmond for over 10 years. I had to join clubs just to get my work hung. Artists need support too, not just nonprofits. But the nonprofits make most of the money from artists. I give up. I can’t support the nonprofits any more.
        But thanks about the painting.

  2. I also think the yellow draws your eye, but then it seems confusing for a mermaid to have butterfly wings, so perhaps the juror couldnt see past their own imagination.

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