Holidays as Interruptions

Holidays can certainly be joyful and full of love and warmth, but they can also disrupt the flow of creativity (though it comes out in the kitchen sometimes,) I’d begun a piece some where between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it currently languishes is the studio. When I go in there it reproaches me and whines about it’s neglect. Still there are other whiners who need my attention more. My grandson (2 years old) was in the studio with me today. He likes to paint and do mixed media.FEA7CB2D-CB75-42B2-9328-436B13A2E45D

Somtimes it’s good to just play without expectation. This granny likes to show Jude knew things to do, like using his hand as a printing plate. She also like using his dabs of paint here and there to create whatever comes into her head.

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