What Happened?

I had a lot of images saved of clocks that were from the Midcentury Modern era.

I wonder if the general public realizes how much work artists do even before a piece is started. This particularly applies to conceptual pieces which for me are usually mixed media. In this case I had to make sure that my images were definitely all from that era. I also want any type that I use in the piece to be from that era. You can see that I’ve drawn some common motifs from that time onto my canvas. I will be painting them in the next phase – I think. Could be I decide to use some collage here. After that I definitely start turning it into mixed media with collage and the addition of objects. My path is much clearer now and things should move alone quickly. I may just get this baby done in time for the take-in! * Some of the drawing here is from a previous idea.

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