February 1, 2017

I’ve decided I need to date these posts since I am not as good about keeping this website up as I should be. After some years volunteering as President for a local Arts NonProfit which was pretty much like having a full time job, I’m back in the studio more frequently than ever before! I was brave (or foolish) enough to do on line challenges. One in September and one last month. It was eye opening that all my excuses for NOT getting into the Studio are bullhonky. The more work I do the more impassioned I become. Yet there are works that have been in my head for years and have yet to get out on canvas or paper. Mostly because new things pop up in there all the time or themed shows come around that I want to enter.

During the September challenge I would often be “finishing” up a piece at the last minute. This meant they weren’t always truly finished. I had a fair amount of tweaking to do afterward. It’s amazing how the most minor of changes can lift a piece. Then again sometimes the changes aren’t what was needed after all.

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Pre: 2013:                                                                                                                                      Educationally speaking . . .

This page is for the edification of those interested in my process. I have found that you can learn something from every person you meet- even from their mistakes. I hope to pass on something, anything, that I have learned.

Lately (in 2013) my process has been to go back to the basics – like drawing and still life.

I’ve also been working smaller again. With watercolor it just seems so much easier to master that fine line between too much, too little or just the right amount of water. There have been a lot of deadlines in my life lately and I find I don’t care for them much. After tomorrow, there are none on the horizon. Yeah! The freedom to paint what I want when I want! I will slowly work my way up to large more complicated pieces.

Here is a new example of a painting that I am afraid I will prefer as parts rather than the sum total. It has been an interesting process with this one. At first flush I LOVED it. The colors and the textures and the transparency. It slowly became a disappointment. I think somewhere along the line I realized that though I know what it is meant to be it is unlikely any one else will. I’m not sure that SHOULD make a difference, but for right now, for me, it does. I have since used this piece in paper making – some works are irredeemable.

After completing the painting above (left) I just didn’t feel that the scale was working – even if it did look like that in the photo. So . .. now I have two paintings

This is an exercise that is common.

The palette is limited to three colors. This helps you concentrate on the values, which are more important than color.

These are  a series of value studies

You should really do a value study before ever starting on a painting. I’m not often patient enough for this, but each time I do take the time, I find it very helpful. I also sometimes, like the value study as much as or more than the final piece. I often “cheat” and use a tad bit of color.

I wanted to work on dry brush techniques so I gave myself the task of painting my cat. It is good to concentrate on a single technical aspect in a given painting or series of paintings.

Not every painting has to be a masterpiece.

These sketches do NOT sing. They are not fluid and the faces are off. If the elements of a sketch do not work together it will lack a voice or worse sing out of key!

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