Monthly Archives: April 2023

Favorite Art Event

I sold “A Happy Tension” on Saturday at a local art event that the Jacksonville Artists Guild participates in every year. The RAP Home Tour is a Jacksonville spring highlight. It’s one of my favorite events to participate in. I had never really thought about why until this year. One of the main reasons is being able to interact with the buyer of my art. Too often they remain anonymous. It’s wonderful to meet and converse with those who love your art enough to take it home with them! I got to explain about scraffito (sp?) and they got to learn about it. In a discussion about the title, I mentioned I love dichotomies. The woman of the couple said isn’t that the definition of Family Life: “A Happy Tension”. I had to agree, especially after the year we’ve had in our family. There are other things about this event too. The less tangible is that it just has a good “energy” or “vibe”. More tangibly, you get to imagine life in another’s house. Lot’s of reference pictures are taken during the event. The conversations with the non-artistic public are always enlightening

A Happy Tension SOLD