Two neglected works

One of these was done in last weekends workshop, The other was during participation in the Paint Yourself Free online workshop by Joan Fullerton.

This is a great workshop but also intense. However, that might just be me. It being on line you really can go at your own pace. She gives you tons of information and it really has freed me up.


Since January 2016 I have become a TGIF person again. We’ve been taking care of our 14 month old grandchild daily since then and that leaves little time for art work. Even if I bring him into the study and give him markers or paint and a brush, there is no continuity in my own work due to interruptions to prevent him from doing something he shouldn’t. Perhaps in another few months when he can talk and understand a little bit more. For now I am a weekend painter. I am looking forward to some Plein air at a farm tomorrow. Sunday will be studio time. I need to do something extraordinary for an upcoming floral show at the Cummer Museum and Gardens. Thee will be stiff competition for the 10 spaces available. JAG (Jacksonville Artists Guild) members are some of the best artists in the area!

Try try again

Two of the funny examples the instructor gave in explaining the process of a painting and learning: you don’t get more bunny rabbits if you only have one and hey if your kids don’t turn out so good maybe your grand babies will. The point being you must paint paint paint and paint again.

Fun Catching Up

So I was suppose to be a part of Leslie Saeta’s online 30 day challenge again, but….

Here I am playing catch up because I take care of my grandson every day (or almost). Yesterday I managed to make up for lost time (almost) by painting NINE paintings in one day. Naturally some are better than others. That would be the case even if they weren’t all painted in the same day. I do wonder if the variety is a sign of schizophrenia? Oops. Trouble uploading some of them. I will try again in the next post.

Dilemma solved

I solved the dilemma of which side to use of the beautiful pages created with Citra-Solv. I photographed them (well the really good ones any way). I now have over 100 gorgeous pages with beautiful texture and color that I can use BOTH sides of and use over and over and over again. There is an added bonus when making these papers with some very unique negative spaces coming up. Another added bonus of photographing them, is that even though I have many with varying palettes, I can always create what ever palette I need in photoshop! I am chomping at the bit to play with these babies!


I finally got around to finishing my Citra Solv experiment. Like many artists, I’ve heard about and seen examples of this technique, but had never tried it. This experiment actually started close to a year ago. I took 4 National Geographic’s and doused them very randomly with the Citra-Solv, stuck them in baggies and then set them aside. They proceeded to dry out despite being in the baggies. This week I poured some water into the baggies and let them sit for a few days (instead of almost a year! ). The pages were once again pliable and I could pull them apart. And what BEAUTY was hidden there in!!! It’s going to be very hard in some cases to decide which side of the page to use; like the examples below. YUM!

My Five Rejects

The Art World Giveth and…taketh

So glad I had the boost to my art ego earlier this month with my first First Place win ever for “Gratitude”. This week I had a huge blow when I discovered the down side to entering as many submissions as allowed, just in hopes of getting ONE in. All FIVE of my submissions for the Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach member show were rejected. Yes I know we are suppose to say “unaccepted”, but I prefer the more brutal word because sometimes that’s how it feels. Oh, I’m an old hat at this so I have a think skin and don’t take it too much to heart. I do take it as an opportunity to re-evaluate many things about my art and being an artist though. I also take it as a kick in the butt to ….improve, improve, improve!Gratitude in Green

Good and Bad

So I had all three of my pieces entered into the SoMMA show accepted, but only one of the two for St Augustine’s “Faces and Figures”. Rejection is something us artists just have to get used to. Sometimes it’s easier than others. This was one of the easy ones. By the time this piece was “finished” (and now I’m not sure it was) I hated it. Not that it is an awful piece per se, but it’s just not one of my favorites and it was a pain in the butt while working on it. I’m sure this happens to other artists as well. We don’t always hate the difficult ones and we don’t always love the ones that come easy – though if they come easy it helps for more positive feelings. So tell me… what is wrong with this picture in your eyes? Personally, I’m not happy with the yellows on the wings and will do away with them. I may also obscure the word Elevating and do something different with her hair. She is called “A-Musing” by the way, because she embodies many of the things in this world that inspire me. So once she is reworked I may try to enter her again.

A-Musing p2or3


New Year New Work Lots of Shows

I have six shows to prepare for in January. One is done and delivered. Wether both pieces will be accepted is another story. Having helped with receiving at the St Augustine Art Associations “Faces and Figures” show, I know mine are much less conventional than most of the work entered:

Tomorrow is receiving for the SoMMA show at the Jewish Community Alliance. I have two ready to go and am still debating on the third entry.

After that comes the Art Guild of Orange Park show at the Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts. This one leaves me with more options as it is neither themed nor does it have to be a specific medium. I am putting in one of my favorite mixed media pieces and one of my favorite mono prints and then I may put in a favored watercolor as well. These two will go for sure:

Of course, one of my New Years resolutions is to post more frequently on my website. I also have an odd little task I gave myself…. to come up with one word titles for all my pieces this year. This came about because participating in the receiving side of shows, one occasionally comes across really really long titles that are almost impossible to fit on the cards and labels for the show. I have been guilty of it as well. Plus it will just be interesting to try to come up with a single word that matches what I am trying to say in the piece.

Check back tomorrow to find out my final piece for the SoMMA show and selections for two other upcoming shows!

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