Monthly Archives: November 2022

Pulling Weeds

No, I didn’t forget that this is an art blog, not a gardening one. Sadly because we artists don’t manage to sell every thing we create, there is sometimes a need to purge our walls of work. It’s that time of year for me. Luckily for certain of my works, they have one last chance to find a new home. (They will be having in our local Town Hall for the next 2 months.) If they don’t … it’s … no big deal. If they are watercolors, I will take them out of the frames and store them. Other paintings will also be taken out of their frames and may or may not be gessoed over. This can be a sad process, but I’ve rarely regretted it. Mixed media pieces can be harder to reclaim, because it can be hard to undo all the gluing. It’s still doable. Below you will see the pieces on the “chopping block”. Sometimes before an installation, I will do mock ups like this to see how well the pieces will play together. The one piece in this lot that will go back on the wall is the Queen Conch. It’s 3’x4′! Until I know what I would paint on that large a canvas that is.