Change is Good

I’m definitely liking this one, though not as well as “Gratitude II” and “Thanksgiving”. I am working it up for a themed show and having that constraint is a wee bit bothersome. This is why I have never been inclined to do commission work. I prefer to work from my own inner inspiration. I don’t have far to go to complete this piece. Perhaps one more phase.


Incremental Change

The diagonal cutting across the center of the painting wasn’t cutting it for me. Usually I find diagonal compositions exciting and interesting. Not this one. So it turns out this piece seems to want to be more of an abstract than non-objective. Yes, for those non-artist readers out there, sometimes the painting tells you what it wants to be.


Substantial Change

Some pieces move along quickly. Some are a struggle. Often it depends on wether the artist knows what they want to say with a piece. Sometimes it has more to do with how clear the vision was before the work was begun. I’m sure writers also experience these vagaries of the creative process.


New Beginning

I’ve actually titled a post that way before. Aren’t us artists lucky that we can have a new beginning whenever we want. There’s often talk of us being afraid of that blank white canvas. Common advice is to quickly stain the whole thing with color. However, sometimes that white blank canvas is EXCITING!

I started this one differently, with collage bits instead of paint. Doesn’t look like much.


Options for Phase 4 day 11

So the first two were potential options for my finale phase on this one. Third third is what I decided to do both for the compositions sake and because I’d stained the ribbon and had to cover it some spots. Ha! Sometimes accidents aren’t so happy, but you can make them work in the end. I hope I didn’t go too far. I think I’ll stop putting the day in my title, because I keep forgetting which one I’m on! It should be the date but I missed a day so I’m behind and I rarely pay attention to the date anymore.

Phase 3 on day10

Two ribbons added along with a little puffery. At this point the idea behind the painting is starting to coalesce. This is “Gratitude II”. What am I grateful for? Well ART for one thing. Both as an activity and a object. (I have a lot of art on my walls other than my own. It is part of my purpose in life to support artists in anyway that I can. I buy mostly local artists, but occasionally other pieces that I encounter on the web.) I am also grateful for all things natural, so some of that will be added to this.


New Phase day 9

4052D22A-EE03-4569-B3A6-BE3BCF03DD1FSo this is a new piece in progress. Sadly I didn’t get a pic of phase one, with paint only. There will be at least two more phases. I have to admit that I often find it very difficult to show restraint in my mixed media pieces. Maybe you all can help me with that. Just say “Stop” when you think I’m done.

Phase 3 on day 8

Shucks, I forgot to take a picture of phase 2 which was adding papers to the paint. This is the Finale! And I do love it, as I suspected. It’s called “Thanksgiving”


Phasing in on Day 7

So this is phase one of a mixed media piece. I’m cheating on the 30 in 30 in a way, but isn’t the point really just to work on something every day. I’m already in love with this piece and can visualize it’s beatiful finale.


Recycling for 6 of 30

When my 22 month old grandson is here, he sometimes produces lovely substrates for his granny to use in her art. Or they might be torn into bits to be used in collage. Since my brain is obviously not in a state for serious watercolor painting, I decided to loosen up and play with color and design. This is probably another one that will be visited down the road to see what I might add or take away.57302737-5ED1-4A0B-8F41-3BE5BA0E9A12


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