A Conundrum, Wrapped in a shift?

So, I found out that a piece I had hoped to enter into the “Fins, Feathers and Fur” show would not be acceptable since it is a nude. I felt pretty clever coming up with an idea that included one of those without being from the animal kingdom (though technically we are from it).  I for one, find it appalling that there are galleries out there that won’t accept nudes. We are talking fine art galleries. I am loath to clothe my angel and she has voiced her objections as well. However, I did find an absolutely perfect piece of Shintoism fabric that I created myself a few years back stashed in my studio closet. The trick will be to make it look like it belongs IN the piece without making it so permanent that I can’t undress her after the show.

Art- for the Love of it

I have many of my small wonders hanging in the Orange Park library. One of the may be the perfect gift for your Valentine. Most of these small pieces are priced quite low, not because they are not worth more. It’s just I went through a very prolific period and need to shed some things from my own walls.

A New Unexpected Feeling

So, I’ve never had this feeling before. When I got my first look at this photo of this piece, it almost made me gasp and i thought “I really really like this piece”. We’ll see how long that feeling lasts. I’m hoping this makes it into the STAAA’s ( St. Augustine Art Association)  “Black & White & Shades of Gray”. I’m pushing the limits with a little bit of color.


Now Something Way Different

Spent three hours doing something I’ve only done once before – painting a mural. Luckily for the folks in Green Cove Springs, I’m not the only one doing the painting. There are some real experts on the job as well, such as Sophie Dare Dentiste, Beth Haizlip and Kathy Plante. I have an all new increased admiration for these ladies. It was fun – to a point, for me. These ladies actually enjoy it. The Dandelions are my contribution.  This is actually a fundraiser for two fabulous local charities. Hope some of you will contribute to Cove in Bloom

Bitter Sweet Sale

It’s rare that I have even the semblance of regret when I sell a piece. It’s always just so exciting that some one likes it! However, I will miss this small piece. It is one of my favorites from last year and of all time. Since I painted it in June, it hasn’t hung around long enough for me to be tired of it. I was still quite happy to see it daily. I can only hope that the buyer loves it as much as I do. (This is an earlier pic, before the piece was completely finished, bu close enough).  “On the Way to Castaslinna”


Completion is satisfying

This piece has been in my “to be completed slot” for at least a year, possibly two. Since it only took me about 15 minutes of tweaking I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. Probably the usual reason – I was afraid of ruining it.4F157D2B-0D31-48DC-BEAE-CFD643111F2C

Holidays as Interruptions

Holidays can certainly be joyful and full of love and warmth, but they can also disrupt the flow of creativity (though it comes out in the kitchen sometimes,) I’d begun a piece some where between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it currently languishes is the studio. When I go in there it reproaches me and whines about it’s neglect. Still there are other whiners who need my attention more. My grandson (2 years old) was in the studio with me today. He likes to paint and do mixed media.FEA7CB2D-CB75-42B2-9328-436B13A2E45D

Somtimes it’s good to just play without expectation. This granny likes to show Jude knew things to do, like using his hand as a printing plate. She also like using his dabs of paint here and there to create whatever comes into her head.

The Ultimate Share

For me as an artist, the ultimate share is when some one likes a painting enough to take it home with them. I’ve been fortunate enough to sell 4 paintings within the past few months. Three were sold out of Haven Hospice in Orange Park, Fl.  “Wind & Water Elements”, “After the Storm”, and “Carrie’s Time Machine”. I have probably spoken before about what a great experience it is to show at the Hospice facility here in Orange Park, Fl. Sharing my art is like giving a gift. I always hope when I share at this location, that my gift is that of solace at some point in time, both for those visiting loved ones and the staff. If my visions can bring any measure of calm and peace to those there I am grateful.

Wind&Water ElementssmAfter the StormsmCarrie's Time Machine

One was sold out of a First Coast Plein Air Painters show down in Melrose, Fl at Mossman Hall. This is a beautiful venue that has much to offer artists as well as their community. Their community is a very precious commodity in the “art world” in that they are enthusiastic art supporters. This piece actually went through several phases and I don’t think I actually never photographed the final phase (unusual for me). Thankfully I may be able to ask the purchaser to take a photo of it.



A corner of the world

I spent last weekend doing reconnaissance for FCPAP (First Coast Plein Air Painters) in Melrose Florida. We are having a show at Mossman Hall there and we are doing Paints Outs in the area as well. This is just a wonderful little town, full of beautiful old homes. The art community there is fabulous. Their art walks are always hopping with many attendees. After taking lots of pictures to share with my fellow artists along with the locations, I finally painted my last afternoon down there. It’s a beginning:


Regret- a very human emotion-useful?

Phase one of a piece that came into my mind while falling asleep and thinking of various things. In particular the fact that my older brothers and I never became friends. I had hoped it might happen at least with my oldest brother, but so many obstacle were in the way. Age difference, his depression, my depression, his psychological and emotional issues, mine, etc etc. I often have “visions” of art work. Sometimes they are spiritual, sometimes emotional, sometimes intellectual. It’s a wonder that I am depressed, having been given such a wonderful gift.



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