Pulling Weeds

No, I didn’t forget that this is an art blog, not a gardening one. Sadly because we artists don’t manage to sell every thing we create, there is sometimes a need to purge our walls of work. It’s that time of year for me. Luckily for certain of my works, they have one last chance to find a new home. (They will be having in our local Town Hall for the next 2 months.) If they don’t … it’s … no big deal. If they are watercolors, I will take them out of the frames and store them. Other paintings will also be taken out of their frames and may or may not be gessoed over. This can be a sad process, but I’ve rarely regretted it. Mixed media pieces can be harder to reclaim, because it can be hard to undo all the gluing. It’s still doable. Below you will see the pieces on the “chopping block”. Sometimes before an installation, I will do mock ups like this to see how well the pieces will play together. The one piece in this lot that will go back on the wall is the Queen Conch. It’s 3’x4′! Until I know what I would paint on that large a canvas that is.

Great Exhibition

For some reason I think the word ‘exhibition’ is particularly apt for this art show. It’s got 64 pieces of art for one thing! These 64 pieces from the members of the Art Guild of Orange Park on display at Mossman Hall, show just how talented their diverse members are. Lucky me to be one of the first to see them and have the honor of delivering them to the venue. Here’s a wee peek for all of you….

Exciting preview

I’m not much for public speaking or “displaying” myself. I prefer to let the art speak. However, the Art Guild had an opportunity for some promotional video to be taken in advance of our upcoming show at Mossman Hall in Melrose. No one else was available for the interview, so yours truly went. As nervous as I was, it didn’t turn out too bad.

New Show – “Harmonies”

I’m excited about several new shows. This one is an Art Guild of Orange Park show that will feature our members work at Mossman Hall in Melrose. Mossman is a great place to show work, with it’s beautiful gallery inside an old church and it’s avid art lovers. The Art Guild has so many extraordinarily talented artists. https://artguildoforangepark.org/members/

These are the pieces I’ve entered:

Something Different – Bonsai Gem Tree

My Sumi-e group did something different this month. We often explore other types of oriental arts. I’m not sure this is exactly one, but they are call “Bonsai Gem Trees” so it must be close. I didn’t follow the directions well, but I’m still happy with my exuberant tree. It hold many treasures from my stay and visits to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. This is my “soul place”. It is the place that I would most like to spend my entire life – if only all my loved ones could/would spend it there with me. http://sumiesociety.org

Super Power

What’s that button from Cheap Joe’s? “My Super Power is Painting”. My friend and exceptionally talented artist Wendy Sullivan gave me one after her last trip to “Art in the Carolina’s. Like most folks with Super Powers, I enjoy using mine for good. (Though sometimes I use it to get “evil” thoughts out of me). My latest volunteer effort is below. These butterflies are created for the “Pink Ribbon Soiree” here in Jacksonville in October. These are Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter (counter clockwise). I’m working on a black and white that will be tuxedo like.

Working in Series

A few years ago a number coincidences came together to spur me to work in series. I don’t do it all the time, of course. The gist of the idea was that working in series can be beneficial in working out kinks related to a technique or and idea. The series below came about because I decided I wanted to make better use of my treasured natural objects. Why just let them sit in baskets around the house. I mean, I hardly even looked at them in there. And why not SHARE them.


Art & Epiphanies

The Art Guild of Orange Park’s Bella Notte event went quite well. I’m happy to say that not only did I add to my art collection, I also sold a piece. A long time ago, I decided that I was never going to become a famous artist, not even locally reknown. When that epiphany came so did another one.

I decided that my purpose in life would be to support artists in what ever way I can. Sometimes that has meant volunteering for arts organizations. Sometimes it means purchasing their art. Some times it means being a friend. All of which is easy to do with the wonderful and talented artists in my community

The Visions are Back!

After inadvertently losing my .com site, I’ve finally gotten it back. Sadly, I lost all my data from my temporary .net site, so I’m starting from scratch. That’s probably a good thing. I desperately needed to spruce the site up anyway. I’m excited to shared with you some of my latest work. These are all mono prints, made from printing found objects. That’s everything from bubble wrap, to shoe soles and beyond. I had literally HUNDREDS of objects I had collected over the years. This summer I invited several artist friends into my studio to experiment. They helped me whittle my collection down, by determining which bits worked and which didn’t.