Daily Archives: October 22, 2022

New Show – “Harmonies”

I’m excited about several new shows. This one is an Art Guild of Orange Park show that will feature our members work at Mossman Hall in Melrose. Mossman is a great place to show work, with it’s beautiful gallery inside an old church and it’s avid art lovers. The Art Guild has so many extraordinarily talented artists. https://artguildoforangepark.org/members/

These are the pieces I’ve entered:

Something Different – Bonsai Gem Tree

My Sumi-e group did something different this month. We often explore other types of oriental arts. I’m not sure this is exactly one, but they are call “Bonsai Gem Trees” so it must be close. I didn’t follow the directions well, but I’m still happy with my exuberant tree. It hold many treasures from my stay and visits to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. This is my “soul place”. It is the place that I would most like to spend my entire life – if only all my loved ones could/would spend it there with me. http://sumiesociety.org