Guests in the Studio

I love having guests in my studio. I often schedule “play dates” for various techniques. I recently scheduled two, one for paper making and one for printmaking with found objects. I didn’t have any one that was able to make it for the paper making back in April. A few people did show up for the printmaking playdates. It was kind funny though, there was very little printmaking with found objects. It was still loads of fun. Some people did collage and one of the ladies was so very excited by the idea of using her own home made papers. That’s one of the great things about inviting people in. It re-energizes you. Her excitement was contagious for sure. On one of the days, I had a fabulous photography come who wanted to learn about doing mixed media. He too was very excited about the process. This was eye opening for me. I have no desire to teach classes at all, but mentoring someone through a project was very satisfying. Here’s one of the handmade papers and the mixed media piece. While everyone was doing their things I made some rust paper and some prints of found objects.

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