This hasn’t happened in a long time:

Good afternoon,

We want to thank you for submitting your work to the upcoming “New Beginnings” at the Art Center Gallery. 

The judge made her final choices after two days of deliberation over the 70+ entries.  We are sorry to let you know that your work was not chosen for this exhibition…but, don’t be discouraged we have several other opportunities coming up in 2024.

I wonder if non-artists realize that we suffer the slings and arrows of rejection. This one is a little rough, because I entered THREE pieces. Not the judges cup of tea? Not deemed in alignment with the “Theme”? Just not going to work with the rest of those selected? Ah well. They will get into another show someday, I hope.

If an artist is lucky enough to have attended college, then they learn how to take it early on in their career. Students undergo regular critiques and competition. Once you start entering shows you have to grow thicker skinned. Rejection comes and goes. You may not win a prize for years (and often won’t even agree with the Judges choices – the same goes for the jurying process. You gotta just let it roll of you back. BUT then you have to re-access your pieces and work harder and smarter next time.

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