The Excitement of the New

Starting a new work is almost always exciting. For me when it’s a mixed media piece, my exuberance might be a little too much. In this case particularly so. The idea for this piece called “Timing is Everything” has been in my head for at least 10 years. That means I’ve been collecting images and items for the piece for that long. The first phase is to bring out everything. It might surprise you that this in the picture ISN’T everything.

I have tons of digital images that I need to sort through and print. The next phase will be placing more things down, but also subtracting things and moving a lot of things about. During this process thoughts also come and go. These help me clarify what I want to say with this piece.

Given the amount of images and stuff that I have, I suspect this will become a series of at least 3 pieces.

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