Daily Archives: November 13, 2023

Productive but not successful

Sometimes you can feel good just because you’re productive. And you should. As an artist, so long as you’re working you are learning and improving. I learned different ways to hold my brushes today. The thing that I kept thinking about was how wonderful it was to be an artist. I could make all sorts of creative decisions from start to finish. Now in this case I may have made some bad decisions. The trick will be figuring out what, where and when. That’s actually often the case if you have a less than successful piece. The first question to ask though, is “Why”. Why doesn’t the piece work? Is it only because you had different expectations? Is it one or several of the elements and principles that isn’t working? Then you can track down where and when. Today I completed two and got half way done with a third. I suspect the third will turn out better than the others. Maybe I’m just tired of abstracts. You might notice the composition in the last two is similar. I’ll go into more depth about that later. There will also be more in depth on the first one and it’s “mates”.