Daily Archives: November 18, 2023

It’s Coming Along

I was pretty tired when I got home from one of my favorite art events : CoRK Open Studios. It’s always very inspiring and I love finding excellent art – especially by younger artists that I hadn’t met yet. I also invariably get into some very very interesting conversations. After a day full of high energy, I wasn’t sure I could manage much painting. Once I got started, though I enjoyed myself and stuck with it for a couple of hours

Layer by layer it’s coming along. I expect this one will take about 2 more days maybe 3. I’m liking it, so I definitely don’t want to rush it. I worked on the greens mostly. A lot of people think it is one of the hardest color to work with. I feel comfortable with it, myself. I just make sure not to use any of them straight out of the tube. I always add some for of red, yellow or blue.